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KAPTON® polyimide film, manufactured by Du Pont, exhibits many desirable characteristics otherwise not found in this unique constellation with other polymer film materials.
   •KAPTON® can be used briefly under extreme temperature conditions ranging from -269 °C to +400 °C. It will tolerate temperatures up to +230 °C in continuous operation.   *1)
   •KAPTON® is flame retardant, self-extinguishing and begins to char only at 800 °C.
   •KAPTON® has no melting point.
   •KAPTON® is chemically inert to a high degree, and has no known organic solvent.
   •KAPTON® is highly resistant to ionising radiation.

KAPTON® is the only known film material which is stable with respect to corona discharge (for type CR).
KAPTON® has already proved to give successful performance in applications involving ambient temperatures ranging from -269 °C to +400 °C, but complete data on its behaviour under such extreme conditions is not yet available.

The ability to retain its excellent chemical, mechanical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range makes KAPTON® suitable for many constructional and other applications. KAPTON® polyimide film is especially suitable for applications in which high operating temperatures are encountered, where other plastic film materials fail.

KAPTON® polyimide film is produced by poly-condensation of an aromatic di-anhydride with an aromatic diamine. The chemical reaction produces a crystalline structure and thermal conversion gives an amorphous film structure. Furthermore, special production methods starting with the base material permit adjustment of the properties to suit various applications.

Adaptation of KAPTON® characteristics by
antistatic treatment
high thermal conductivity
excellent low temperature performance
stable in the face of corona discharges
colour pigmentation is possible
can be made electrically conducting with filler substances

Kapton® is DuPont Company's Trademark.


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