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Black Kapton® Tape

Black Kapton® Tape

Black Kapton® Tape



Black Kapton® Tape
Model No. Backing/Adhesive
Adhesion Tensile
Elongation Breakdown
±mic ±mic ±N/25mm ±N/25mm ±% ±KV ±ºF
GPITP-2535SB    Black Polyimide Film 25 60 3.5 110 ≥30 4.0 500 Black
   Silicone Adhesive 35
GPITP-2535AB    Black Polyimide Film 25 60 4.5 110 ≥30 4.0 428 Black
   Acrylic Adhesive 35
GPITP-5030SB    Black Polyimide Film 50 80 3.0 150 ≥40 4.5 500 Black
   Silicone Adhesive 30
GPITP-5030AB    Black Polyimide Film 50 80 4.0 150 ≥40 4.5 428 Black
   Acrylic Adhesive 30
EXP 12 months
Storage Conditions 68ºF  65%R.H
Product Features Black Kapton® Tape uses black polyimide film as the backing material and coated with silicone adhesive. It possess excellent electrical insulation, dimensional stability, high temperature resistance, and leaves no defective gum when tearing off. The difference between black polyimide film and common polyimide film is that it shows a better shielding performance.
Application Black Kapton® Tape applies to electric and electronic components which operates under high temperature circumstances and requires insulation and special shielding.
◆It should be noted that the above listed specifications does not guarantee the performance of goods, it is for reference only. 
◆No prior notice will be given for any changes of technical specifications.


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Kapton® is DuPont Company's Trademark.

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