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ESD Kapton® Tape

ESD Kapton® Tape

ESD Kapton® Tape



ESD Kapton® Tape
Model No. Backing/Adhesive
Adhesion Tensile
Elongation Temperature
Coefficient of
±mic ±mic ±N/25mm ±N/25mm ±% ±ºF Ω
GPITP-2535SE    ESD Layer   60 3.5 115 ≥30 500 105-1010 Amber
   Polyimide Film 25
   Silicone Adhesive 35
GPITP-2535AE    ESD Layer   60 4.5 115 ≥30 428 105-1010 Amber
   Polyimide Film 25
   Acrylic Adhesive 35
GPITP-5030SE    ESD Layer   80 3.0 185 ≥40 500 105-1010 Amber
   Polyimide Film 50
   Silicone Adhesive 30
GPITP-5030AE    ESD Layer   80 4.0 185 ≥40 428 105-1010 Amber
   Polyimide Film 50
   Acrylic Adhesive 30
EXP 12 months
Storage Conditions 68ºF  65%R.H
Product Features ESD Kapton® Tape uses polyimide film as the backing material, it is first coated with silicone adhesive and then treated with anti-static process. The product exhibits good electrical insulation, dimensional stability, high temperature resistance, and it also can discharge some part of electro-static charge.
Application ESD Kapton® Tape is mainly applied in electric and electronic components which requires anti-static capability, and a working circumstances which need insulation and high temperature. The product will generate a lower surface static voltage in the process of stripping and peeling.
◆It should be noted that the above listed specifications does not guarantee the performance of goods, it is for reference only. 
◆No prior notice will be given for any changes of technical specifications. 


For more information on ESD Kapton® Tape , Please contact D.SOAR .


Kapton® is DuPont Company's Trademark.

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